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Kangal Dog Dog Breed Information and Pictures.

Kangal Dogs have gained a reputation for being exceptionally fierce and loyal in battles, defending their flock, against predators of all sizes. He is a working guard and shepherd dog recognized by the United Kennel Club and the Cynology Federation of Turkey as an official breed. Big dogs with big jaws can be extra destructive if they’re bored! You might want to invest in an indestructible dog bed for your giant guardian. Of course, there are plenty of toys available to help keep your Kangal from getting bored in the first place. Make sure you’ve also got a sturdy dog food container. Pros and Cons of Getting A.

Kangal Dog Basics. The Kangal Dog is a large and powerful breed, often used in Turkey to guard livestock against predators. This dog is easily recognized by its massive head, dark muzzle and curled tail which is carried up and over the back. The Kangal is the national dog of Turkey. Its name comes from the district of Kangal in the province of Sivas, where this breed originated. This dog’s purpose was to guard and protect sheep, but not guide them. Its size, courage and determination made it a perfect defender against predators or thieves.

The Kangal Shepherd Dog is not as heavy as some other Mastiff breeds, allowing it greater speed and agility than larger dogs. Kangal Shepherd Dogs can reach speeds of up to 88 km 55 miles per hour. The under-layer provides insulation against both severe Anatolian winters and the fierce summer sun, while the outer-layer repels water and snow. It was initially believed that the shepherd dogs of Turkey all fell into one breed category. This is not so. The Akbash dog, Kangal dog, and Anatolian shepherd are all individual breeds officially recognized by the Turkish Kennel Club. The Akbash dogs have a white head, while the other two breeds are known for their black-masked faces.

The Kangal Dog BreedA Guard Dog Par.

06/03/2017 · bu kangal kÖpeklerİ muhteŞem yakinda malak cİnsİ kangal vİdeolar gelİcektİr skype _hüseyin başkan ccc. The Nelsons imported their first Kangal Dog to the United States in 1985. This dog, and subsequent imports, provided the foundation for the Kangal Dog in the United States. True Kangal Dogs are from the province of Sivas and the town of Kangal. Others claim: the breed was first developed in the west by Charmian Steele and others in Britain. Kangal dog Language. Kangal may refer to: Kangal Shepherd Dog; Anatolian Shepherd Dog; This disambiguation page lists dog articles associated with the title Kangal. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. After seeing a video on youtube where a single Turkish Kangal killed several wolves single handedly. It made me wonder how well they'd fare against the big cats. They have chased off bears so I don't think it's too far fetched to imagine the dog doing the same to a lion or a jaguar, maybe even a tiger.

Kangal Dog Breed Information and Pictures.

Our goal at Sivas Regal Kangal Dogs is to help preserve the time-honored form and temperament of the genuine Kangal Dog, the ONLY breed so valued by the Turkish people that the government has declared it a National Historic Treasure. Kangal dog, a purebred dog with large, powerful body and heavy bones, is typically used as a flock guardian, actively protecting flocks of sheep from predators like bears, jackals, and wolves. Distinguished by moderately large wide heads, drop ears, black masks, black velvety ears, and a curled tail, kangal dogs have slightly longer body than []. Kangal dog price range. Based on raising purposes and quality, Kangal dog prices are divided into two levels: Limited registered Kangals raise as pets only and fully registered Kangalsallowed for breeding. The Kangal Dog is very calm but very powerful breed. They are the least aggressive of the Turkish breeds and are very trainable, along with being a natural people-pleaser. If they are not socialized from a young age, they could be unfriendly towards strangers. A well socialized Kangal Dog is also.

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